Faculty Scholarship Expectations for Computer Science Faculty

Through 2004, the computer science and mathematics faculty within a combined Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Grinnell College developed a statement of expectations for contract renewal, promotion, and tenure. Since a single policy was meant to apply to computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians, the statement was quite broad. Examples were used to illustrate how general statements might apply within the several disciplines.

When the combined department was restructured in 2006 to yield a Department of Computer Science and a Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the opportunity arose for a statement of scholarship expectations focused on computer science. As a result, the computer science faculty began informal discussions after the departmental restructuring. Then, between 2009 and 2011, the computer science faculty collaborated more formally to develop a revised document.

The resulting statement of scholarship expectations represents the collective thinking of the 2011 computer science faculty. The statement has been forwarded to the administration and Executive Council at Grinnell College, but feedback has not been received. In particular, this statement of scholarship expectations has not been endorsed as policy by Grinnell College.

The departmental document is attached to this page and made public, in case faculty and administrators at other institutions might find this statement helpful in developing similar policies elsewhere.

Attachment: scholarship-expectations_0.pdf